Case Study

Red Lion High School Athletic Fields

Year Built: 2011

Manufacturer: York Building Products

Installer: K&M Dri-Lay Masonry

Owner: Red Lion Area School District

Location: Red Lion, PA

Contractor: Keller Brothers

Architect: Capital Engineering

Engineer: Scott Miller Consulting Engineer

The project has two MaxumStone walls: a gravity wall with a maximum exposed height of 5’ and a geogrid reinforced wall with a maximum exposed height of 20’. A total of 6,190 SF of wall area was installed. The specification of MaxumStone was driven by the need for the short wall by the track to be a gravity system. There are numerous utilities behind the wall and the engineer did not want geogrid reinforcing to be used. Also, the smooth surface of the precast blocks provides a less abrasive surface in an area where there is interaction with atheletes and spectators. The tall wall utilized geogrid reinforcing and was only done in MaxumStone in order to match the other wall.

Red Lion High School