Saves You Time And Money

MangumStone™ is a large wet-cast retaining wall system, cleverly engineered with a hollow core. Its hollow design uses nearly half the concrete of a solid system while maintaining all of its strength and durability. The environmental and economical advantages of the MaxumStone™ system are unprecedented in our industry.

Green Advantages

Raw materials use energy which can cause water pollution and air emission problems which are leading factors that make concrete unfriendly to our environment. We cannot avoid using concrete but we must find complementary variations and more earth friendly solutions in its uses.

The hollow core MaxumStone is designed to take the dead weight out of the center of the unit yet still maintaining the same strength and creating more flexibility in the terms of design.

MaxumStone uses less concrete than traditional solid wall systems offering more sustainable construction options, contributing less CO2 to the environment during production and delivery process. Also, the large hollow cores provide unique internal vertical permeability value to the wall structure.

Production Advantages

MaxumStone’s hollow core allows production facilities to maximize their output and reduce their carbon footprint. Its unique hollow core design means less concrete to pour, making the units lighter for handling purposes and reducing the amount of cement required per block. Both of these factors translate into cost savings and a significant reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions (nearly 40%) when compared to solid concrete systems.

MaxumStone Production Advantage Chart

MaxumStone Production Advantages

Transportation Advantages

MaxumStone’s light weight design maximizes each truck load to the site, reducing the number of trucks on the road, and their carbon footprint. A typical 48,000 lb truck can transport nearly 300 sq ft of MaxumStone™ units, reducing the number of loads to ship to each job. Plus, each unit can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily two at a time, reducing time and labor on the job site.

MaxumStone Transportation Advantage Chart

Installation Advantages

The MaxumStone™ 8 sq face ft is light enough to be moved on site in pairs of 16 sq ft with a standard bobcat. The large light weight hollow core MaxumStone™ units can be installed quickly, to create curves and turn corners, with smaller equipment and less labor. MaxumStone™ was designed for the end user by providing many options for solving nearly any contractor wall problem.

MaxumStone Installation Advantage Chart

MaxumStone get 40% more retaining wall

Design Advantages

The MaxumStone’s large vertical and horizontal cores allow wall designers the flexibility of creating many solutions without environmentally costly side-effects. The aesthetically pleasing plantable terraces maximize green area, which reduce the “heat island” effect common among concrete surfaces. MaxumStone™ works in harmony with the environment. Its unique internal drainage system, and ease of incorporating both through wall, and top of wall details makes it the prime choice for environmentally friendly wall solutions.

MaxumStone Design Diagram

MaxumStone Design Advantages

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