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MaxumStone Retaining Wall Blocks in the UK

MaxumStone provides retaining wall solutions across the United Kingdom. We are capable of servicing nearly any city in the country, so no matter your location, you can utilize MaxumStone retaining wall blocks to give your project an edge that can’t be beaten. Our system can build advanced gravity and geogrid retaining walls that can be used to reinforce bridges and roads, parking complexes, harbors, and other coastal buildings. It’s no secret that the United Kingdom has its fair share of rainy days. That’s why our retaining walls have one of the finest drainage systems built straight into the block designs. This helps clear out excess water from the wall, prevents unnecessary repairs and avoids costly retaining wall failures.

The United Kingdom’s diverse landscape also calls for many different applications, these can include roads and buildings that require retaining walls in tight spaces. The blocks’ versatility is showcased by tight radius curves, and wide-ranging creative possibilities thanks to its hollow core design. You can build any type of retaining wall design with our system to match your project’s unique application. From steel grid reinforced concrete retaining walls, to planter retaining walls, and cantilevered retaining walls – we have you covered. Our gravity and geogrid retaining walls are perfect for critical infrastructure needs including bridges and roads, parking complexes, harbors, and coastal water walls. From commercial to residential projects, MaxumStone provides the building blocks to help your community continue to grow.

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Have an upcoming retaining wall project in your area? We can serve nearly any city or town across the UK. Contact us today and we can provide insightful guidance and trusted recommendations to get you started. We offer our services across the Greater London Area, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Wales, and more! If you are in the United Kingdom, you are just one phone call away from the proven success offered by MaxumStone retaining walls.


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Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

MaxumStone is the UK’s number one provider for precast concrete retaining wall systems. Our walls are designed for long-lasting durability while providing an eco-friendlier alternative to help protect our natural landscapes. Our retaining wall systems can withstand the harshest weather and most complex infrastructure plans.

MaxumStone designed this system to use fewer materials and create lightweight, high strength retaining walls that can be customized post-installation. Using gravity extenders, we are able to increase the depth of our walls in 2ft increments, giving contractors increased flexibility to execute projects.

The team at MaxumStone has committed itself to manufacturing a precast concrete retaining wall system that contractors, engineers, and companies can be confident in, particularly with respect to safety, security and longevity.


Gravity Retaining Walls in the UK

MaxumStone gravity walls are designed to resist load pressures by effectively utilizing weight of the wall to support added forces. This is especially useful for the varying, rugged terrain throughout the interior and coastal regions of the United Kingdom.

Our MaxumStone gravity retaining walls excel in tight spaces and help maximize space close to property lines, while reducing excavation area for further efficiency. The standard blocks and innovative gravity extenders can lock together to create an extremely versatile and strong wall, capable of handling the toughest jobs on the planet. Used internationally, our design is trusted by companies to build retaining walls they can stand by and be proud of.


Geogrid Retaining Walls in the UK

To build tall walls, geogrid retaining wall systems reinforce the soil mass behind our concrete blocks for maximum strength and effectiveness. Common scenarios in which these walls are used include parking lots, roadways, and water applications. Geogrid retaining walls are often applied when there is a positive slope above where the wall is being installed. These walls serve many purposes and are used in a myriad of ways throughout the United Kingdom.

Geogrid retaining walls that are properly constructed will resist active forces and pressures from above and behind the wall. The ease of installing MaxumStone geogrid walls and reinforcement make large or tall retaining walls quicker to build and more cost-effective. Please be sure to always contact a qualified engineer for walls over 4ft tall.


An Eco-Friendly Concrete Retaining Wall System

Our large retaining wall blocks can be used to create advanced gravity and geogrid retaining walls in the UK that provide an eco-friendly advantage over other systems. Our retaining wall blocks use 40% less concrete than traditional solid concrete blocks, making it one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient products on the market.

By choosing MaxumStone, you are helping reduce the environmental impact on natural landscapes while enhancing your outdoor space with a beautiful, high-quality retaining wall. With less concrete and less excavation, MaxumStone’s eco-friendly approach has lead to more plantable walls, further reducing the heat island effect.

Contact us today to learn more about MaxumStone’s advantages and how they can work for your upcoming projects!

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Engineered To Stand The Test of Time

Our system has been engineered to take on the extreme weather conditions regularly encountered by the United Kingdom’s coastal region. Our superior drainage system is built into each and every retaining wall to help divert water out of the wall and away from the soil. This helps to maintain long-lasting structural integrity. Water is the primary culprit for many structural issues associated with buildings and roads; and MaxumStone realizes the importance of proper drainage. Our retaining walls are 40% more permeable than solid concrete systems and allow for free flowing horizontal and vertical drainage. This feature can protect your property from the damaging effects of water and costly future maintenance repairs. Your time is valuable, so we do our best to get your project ahead of schedule in the design and installation phases. That’s why MaxumStone offers free retaining wall design and analysis software, and estimation tools for your convenience. These are major assets that help speed up the design process and give accurate material quantities for your projects. Complete with tutorial videos to explore the software’s vital features and handy step-by-step installation guides, MaxumStone is your one-stop-shop for an all-inclusive system.

How Our Hollow-Core Design gives us a Competitive Edge

Many retaining wall systems are built with solid concrete blocks that are extremely heavy to transport, cost more to produce, and increase our environmental footprint. With MaxumStone, you can rest easy knowing that our blocks are built with a hollow core design that efficiently addresses all of those issues. The block’s hollow core design strategically uses less concrete for a lightweight block that lessens impacts on the environment, like using less water and producing less CO­² emissions. This design also presents massive time and cost savings associated with the production, transportation and installation of our blocks. MaxumStone is committed to producing blocks with less concrete, less truckloads and less excavation; critical factors that impact our shared environment. Created with simplicity and efficiency top of mind, our blocks make installation far quicker and easier for contractors. Those elements will all save time and money at every step throughout your project and add up to impressive amounts. From design to completion, MaxumStone is proud to continue developing new ways to we can provides greater value for you.