Planter Retaining Wall

MaxumStone Planter Retaining Wall

The MaxumStone™ Planter retaining wall provides a large vertical and horizontal hollow core. The light weight and large size units allow wall designers the flexibility of creating many solutions without environmentally costly side-effects. The hollow core provides a plantable retaining wall pocket within the retaining wall system. Using filter fabrics to eliminate soil migration keeps the plants in the areas they are intended to be.

Expanded Green Space

The aesthetically pleasing plantable terraces maximize green area, which reduce the “heat island” effect common among concrete surfaces. MaxumStone™ works in harmony with the environment. It’s unique internal drainage system and ease of incorporating both through wall and top of wall details makes it the prime choice for environmentally friendly and sustainable wall solutions. The light weight unit reduces the concrete and transportation carbon footprint costs for the end project providing the owners with valuable LEEDS credits.

Hollow Core Design

MaxumStone gravity retaining wall extenders also reduce the amount of concrete required compared to competitive solid gravity-wall. Because of the unique hollow core design and the large spaces between extenders side by side It also reduces the amount of production and transportation costs.

MaxumStone concrete mass extenders are available in lengths of 2 and 4 feet and when chained together, the system can create extenders up to 12 feet or greater. A free-draining material (such as a #57 Stone) is placed in the MaxumStone and around each extender units for the entire wall project.

MaxumStone retaining wall is available in setbacks of 4.5, 2.4 and 0 degrees (near vertical), and in a variety of beautiful faces. Please check with your local producer for the setbacks and faces available in your region.

Plantable Retaining Wall by MaxumStone
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Free Software Downloads

The MaxumStone system has a powerful and easy to use design engineering software that is free to all users. The software not only checks for wall overturning, bearing capacity, and sliding, it also provides global stability, seismic loading, in water conditions and many more analysis that are critical to a comprehensive final design.

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MaxumStone Wall Designer